China Manufacturer of Micronized Wax for Coating - Wholesale Supplier and Exporter

Shanxi Gold Rubber & Plastic Science and Technology New Material Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer, supplier, and factory of micronized wax for coating. Micronized wax is a popular ingredient used in coating industry. As the name implies, micronized wax has tiny particles that give a smoother finish to coatings. Our micronized wax is made using high-quality raw materials and state-of-the-art technology, and the product has been popular among our customers across the world.

Our micronized wax for coating is suitable for a wide range of applications, including paints, varnishes, printing inks, and adhesives. It provides improved scratch resistance, matting, and mar resistance. Our product is easy to mix and facilitates blending with other ingredients used in coating formulations. With our micronized wax, you can get a high-quality coating that is durable and aesthetically pleasing.

At Shanxi Gold Rubber & Plastic Science and Technology New Material Co., Ltd., we maintain consistent quality and timely delivery of our products. We aim to provide our customers with high-quality products that meet their requirements. Contact us today for more information on our micronized wax for coating.
  • Micronized wax is a high-performance material that is widely used for coating applications. It is a finely ground wax that is incredibly versatile and can be used in a broad range of industrial, commercial, and consumer applications. This type of wax is made by grinding natural or synthetic wax particles into much smaller sizes, making it a highly effective product for coatings. Micronized wax is popular for its unique properties, including its excellent resistance to water, abrasion, and chemicals. It is commonly used as an additive in coatings to improve gloss, durability, and water resistance. This wax also provides a smooth and glossy finish that enhances the overall appearance of coated surfaces. One of the most significant advantages of using micronized wax is its ability to improve scratch resistance. This feature is especially critical in the automotive and furniture industry, where the products often come into contact with sharp and abrasive objects. Micronized wax creates a tough barrier that prevents scratches and dings from penetrating the surface, significantly increasing the lifespan of the coating. Overall, micronized wax is an excellent choice for any coating application where durability, water resistance, and scratch resistance are crucial. It is a reliable and cost-effective product that enhances the performance and aesthetics of coated surfaces, making it an essential component in various industries.
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