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Shanxi Gold Rubber & Plastic Science and Technology New Material Co., Ltd. is proud to present our latest product, FT Wax for Powder Coating Resin. Our FT Wax is a high-quality, synthetic wax that is used as a surface modifier in powder coatings. It is designed to provide excellent scratch and mar resistance, as well as improved gloss and leveling properties. This product is perfect for use in a wide range of applications, including metal furniture, automotive parts, and consumer goods.

As a leading manufacturer, supplier, and factory in China, we are committed to producing the highest quality products and delivering unparalleled customer service. Our FT Wax is formulated using the latest technology and is rigorously tested to ensure that it meets the highest industry standards. We also offer competitive pricing and timely delivery to ensure that our customers receive the best value for their investment.

If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy supplier of FT Wax for Powder Coating Resin, look no further than Shanxi Gold Rubber & Plastic Science and Technology New Material Co., Ltd. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.

Featured Products

  • Introducing our high-quality FT wax for powder coating resin – a game-changer in the powder coating industry! Our specially formulated wax is designed to enhance the performance of powder coating resins, ensuring a flawless finish and long-lasting protection for your metal products. This superior FT wax is an excellent additive for powder coating formulations. It acts as a lubricant and flow modifier for the powder coating resin, improving its handling and aiding in the application process. As a result, the coating adheres to the metal surface evenly, providing an impeccable finish that is both aesthetically pleasing and highly durable. Our FT wax for powder coating resin is made from premium raw materials and manufactured using advanced processing techniques, ensuring consistent quality throughout the production process. It also has a low level of impurities, making it highly suitable for various powder coating applications, including electrostatic spraying, metal dipping, and fluidized bed coating. By using our FT wax for powder coating resin, you can achieve outstanding results, making your products stand out from the competition. So if you're looking for a top-quality FT wax solution, look no further than our product – the perfect complement to your powder coating needs!
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